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Selahatin Whitening Toothpaste Set Collection No.1

Selahatin Whitening Toothpaste Set Collection No.1

Collection No 1 marked the birth of Selahatin and its vision of oral luxury. This exclusive box set contains the brand's debut collection of whitening toothpaste and includes Amorist, Escapist and Hypnotist. 

– Selahatin started out as three archetypical characters that lies in all of us. This product category had been one-dimensional in its style, voice and flavour and this collection was my attempt to offer room for individual expression, says Kristoffer Vural, founder of Selahatin.



1100 ppm fluoride

Housed in alu tubes (recycles endlessly)


Made in Switzerland

Contains antioxidants

Vetted by The Swedish Dental Association

Vegan/Cruelty free

Dermatologically tested


The Science:

A four-dimensional rejuvenating whitening process gentle enough for daily use

  • Deep cleansing (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  • Exfoliating (Hydrated Silica)
  • Polishing and light-reflecting (Hydroxypatite)
  • Enamel-bleaching (Sodium Bicarbonate)
  • Anti-inflammatory Limonene from Citrus fruit and antioxidant Edelweiss extract boosts bacterial balance and maintains healthy gums
  • The natural amino acid Betaine moisturises and nourishes
  • Mineralising Hydroxypatite provides proactive care for sensitive teeth


The set includes: 


Notes: Green Mint, Peppermint, Menthol

Notes: Cinnamon, Orange, Peppermint


Notes: Anise, Honey, Peppermint

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