Amouage was born from the desire to create a gift fit to be offered by the Sultan of Oman.


Astrophil & Stella is about the love binding Astrophil, a proud, determined and dreamy mortal, and Stella, an elusive, beautiful and lively deity.

Marie Salamagne is the nose behind Atelier des Ors, the emblematic brand with gold-flakes in their perfumes. Beautiful creations!


Casamorati is an old italian perfume house founded in 1888. It belongs to the Xerjoff Universe.


Clive Chritian, taking the heritage of  "the Crown Perfumery", developed and expanded the rich history of british perfumery.


Owner and perfumer Gabriel Gabor, member of the Société Française des Parfumeurs in Versailles presents 3 creations under is own name.

Electimuss is a London based artisan perfume brand creating daring and decadent fragrances, inspired by legends of love, power and glamour of Rome.

Fragrance du Bois are crafting the rarest, finest, most exclusive and sustainably sourced pure perfumes.


Australia's first luxury fragrance house. Celebrating the extraordinary beauty and its botanical richness.


Luxurious perfume collection made by one of the most renowned Italian families. 


Haute Fragrance Company is a collaboration of the best artists and craftsmen all over the world. It is a partnership with the best and most creative people, who will give you the dream. 


Initio Parfums Privé.
The Power of Scent.
Passion, addiction, attraction, desire, 
happiness, luck.

Young, fresh and playful. Juliette has a Gun is an outstanding brand.


The brand inspiration comes from the beauty world: kajal meaning kohl in the Indian culture - a natural product that protects and beautifies the eyes.


Laurent Mazzone shows a range of seductive and intriguing collections. Check them out!


Marc-Antoine Barrois, french designer, shares his love for perfume with his creations. Winner of many fragrance rewards, you absolutely have to try them!


Masque Milano tells stories through wonderful artistic scents. A must try!

MiN NEW YORK is a New York City based fragrance label designed to represent a lifestyle wrapped in scent.

NISHANE is the first and as yet only Turkish fragrance brand to have received international acclaim immediately following its launch.


Parfums d'Elmar by Mark Buxton are unique creations with amazing love to detail as the 360 Swarovsky crystals every cap has.

Parfums de Marly, renews though its original concept the splendor of the 18th century, when the greatest perfumes were created for King Louis XV in commemoration of the prestigious horse races.


Roja Dove creates some of the finest perfumes in the world. 

logo RM 3000x3000.jpg

Rosendo Mateu is the living image of a self-made man, this is reflected in his work and especially in its perfectionism that touches each of his creations.


"The Pursuit of beauty and creation is my soul's greatest desire."


“A collection of intriguing perfumes. Woven with essential jewels. Rare and precious essences. Infused with beautiful stories.”.

Inspired by ‘Dubai’ – a city that embraces a wide variety of scenery, captivating contrasts of ancient tradition and the luxuries of a cosmopolitan society.


The fusion of two different cities, Wilgermain, combines the hipster district of Williamsburg in New York and the artistic St. Germain in Paris.


The XERJOFF brand was launched by Sergio Momo with the aim of blending the most luxurious materials to complement the most affluent global lifestyles.


Since 1882 Marcel Frank manufactures luxury perfume atomizers.