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Xerjoff Empiryan

Xerjoff Empiryan

Inspired by ancient cosmologies and what is known as the “highest heaven”, Empiryan opens to earthy notes of cypriol and the warm, yet sweet herbaceous notes of tobacco leaves. 

An experience which grounds the wearer with green, earthy notes, gradually transports the senses to an ethereal state of calm and sacredness as incense and cedar are released at the heart. Delicate yet compelling, Empiryan’s base of vanilla, labdanum and amber perfectly rounds up this divine scent. 

On 13.03.2023, all perfumes from the Kemi Blue Collection received the energy of the Blue Cosmic Storm, (day 39 of the Tzolkin calendar), a day of openness, allowing the energy to be passed on, a day based upon the Mayan calendar, whose system is composed of a set of different cycles intertwined with one another. 

The ancient Maya had a fascination with the cycles of time and were great observers of the sky, using their knowledge of astronomy and mathematics. 

On this specific day, all the perfumes from the Kemi Blue collection bore witness to the ritual, allowing the perfumes to receive the energy of the Cosmic Blue Storm. The Cosmic Blue Storm carries a purifying and cleansing energy. Owning a perfume from the Kemi Blue Collection is a reminder of the energy that comes with the Blue Cosmic Storm. 


As the perfumes were decanted by hand into their flacons, the flow of cosmic energy which connects nature and the earth to the soul, the cyclical and ever repeating journey of this ritual was enclosed in every strikingly beautiful flacon from the Kemi Blue Collection.



Top Notes: Cypriol from India, Tobacco Leaves
Heart Notes: Cedar from Atlas, Incense from Oman, Patchouli from Singapore
Base Notes: Vanilla from Madagascar, Amber, Labdanum

  • Unisex

  • Floral Spicy

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